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Enough Is Enough

It was extremely disappointing to return home after so long on Saturday to be served with a performance like that. If you look at what we as fans have had to endure in recent years, it is unacceptable for us to still be dealing with the same issues season after season. We have been down from the Premier League for 3 seasons now, and so far, the club have only taken what feels like backward steps.

Due to the performance on the field, the noise levels dropped within the stands, ourselves included. This is due to the realisation that, so far, absolutely nothing has changed, despite what we have been promised.

We know that it is only early days in this campaign, however this is a problem that has been rooted in the club for very much longer than that. Eventually there has to be a breaking point.

We always set out to create 90 minutes of noise for the lads and as a collective, we have had great success in this. It is now time however, for the players to start giving back. In the last few years we have had to endure more failure on a football pitch and more empty promises than most teams in the country.

On Tuesday night, they have the chance to begin to put this right, and we will be there demanding this happens. Simply put, enough is enough.

- CL14


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