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We’re with you, Daz.

This week we learned of the tragic diagnosis of a friend of the group, Daz. All of us would like him and anyone else in a similar position to him to know that we stand with them, and we are with them throughout every step of their journey.

Almost every football fan will tell you that the reason we go to the football, besides cheering on the men on the field, is to see our mates, those familiar faces you see on a matchday week in, week out. Even if it is just a nod as you pass them, those familiar faces become something of a family.

To see such a vocal member of that family hit with such devastating news has struck something of a chord with the group and the wider community. The reaction and support has been brilliant to see. It can be a difficult and lonely time when you receive news such as this, and so we wanted to let Daz know that each member of our football family is cheering for him in this fight.

The cowshed loves you more than you will know.

Link to Dazza’s fundraiser -


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